Several aspects of taxi insurance: What Steps You Can Take

Until now, it was possible to insure a taxi only after going through all the torments of hell. Many companies immediately refuse the word “taxi”. Or offer too high rates. But banks and leasing companies were forced to do this and the owners of taxis had to look for someone to give their money. In order to get, taxi insurance info, always check the internet.

New solution

A way out of it was found by the company insurance. Insure a taxi only from total and hijacking. This simple compromise solution satisfies the demands of all parties to the process.

Credit organizations

These conditions fully satisfy the requests of leasing companies and banks. After all, even under the full policy, they are the beneficiary only in terms of total death or theft.

Low fares

Tariffs for such insurance will be 3 to 4 times lower than the usual hull insurance. When buying a large number of cars at the same time, such savings will allow you to send this money to purchase additional cars!

Save time and nerves

You can see for yourself how quickly, cheaply and simply you can now insure your taxi fleet. Just follow the link.You will immediately see the tariffs and can estimate how much you will save. Then just leave a request and the company’s specialists will contact you. The very next day you will receive policies.Insurance for drivers and passengers begins to act as soon as the taxi driver starts the trip with the passenger (presses the button on the way), and ends at the end of the trip (the driver presses the End button). If the passenger cancels the trip, the insurance will no longer be valid.All passengers and drivers are insured in case of an accident. The number of insured passengers cannot exceed the number of seats in the car.

What is included in the insurance?

Health and life are insured. Every passenger or driver affected by the accident is entitled to compensation

In which case compensation is paid?

If during a trip ordered through, the user got into an accident and was injured  he is entitled to compensation. Who made the order, it does not matter all who are in the taxi during the trip are insured. The number of insured passengers cannot exceed the number of seats in the car. In some cases, the insurance company may ask youto provide additional documents clarifying the circumstances of the incident. And transfer to your office or via courier the originals of the necessary documents. Undergo additional medical examination to confirm the size and circumstances of the injury.

What happens if I ordered a taxi for another person and he had an accident?

He is entitled to
compensation. The insurance applies to all passengers who were in the car that fulfills
the order of the user. The number of insured passengers cannot exceed the
number of seats.

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